MP45 vs. CrossFit


CrossFit is a gym-based program that utilizes a wide range of constantly varied workouts. The program incorporates weight lifting and cardio, and CrossFit members often “compete” with one another, and on teams in completing these activities. This is beneficial for the competitive fitness junkies who are always looking to up their personal records. CrossFit workouts are short and very, very intense. In the workouts, odd yet unique devices are lifted, and cardiovascular training is varied throughout. Kettle balls, medicine balls, rowing devices, gymnastic rings, and jump ropes are just a few of the items that appear frequently in a CrossFit gym.

My Criticism

CrossFit is definitely unique, but it is certainly not made for every type of person. If you’re already in good shape, love competition, and wouldn’t mind spending $100 a month at the lowest, then by all means, join up. However, if you’re in the majority of people who would rather spend less for results, and actually build a lifestyle that you can watch gain progress, then do it to it with MP45. And with only a one time payment of $97.00, you really can’t go wrong.

Crossfit also doesn’t allow you to track progression through workouts. Because the sessions are so varied in nature, you never quite realize where you’ve come over the months. Also, because of how haphazardly intense the training is, injury is indeed very possible, as is overtraining.

Because CrossFit is a gym-based program, there really isn’t a nutritional aspect to it. This is huge, because as I’ve learned from MP45, making healthy food choices matters. It matters so much in fact, that this lack of nutritional adherence was a huge turnoff when looking into programs. On the Crossfit website, they list some nutritional information, though it is quite sparse.  The website provides ballpark estimates on what you should eat. This is very flawed, because everyone has a different body, different body fat percentages, and of course: different fitness goals. The programs states that 30% of your calories should be from protein, 40% from carbohydrates, and 30% from fat.


In the battle of the MP45 program vs Crossfit, I’ve picked a clear winner. MP45 is not only conclusive, but it works with you. CrossFit is a cool hobby, and while it’s intense, there aren’t that many distinct goals in mind for its consumers. Those who join up with CrossFit are generally in shape looking to stay in shape. MP45 knows that you might not know a thing about fitness or nutrition, but works with you, and educates you.


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