MP45 vs. Insanity


Insanity is a product of Beachbody LLC (the same people that brought us P90X). The Insanity workout is a series of DVDs that utilizes circuit training for periods of 30-60 minutes for 6 days a week for 60 days. Insanity focuses mainly on cardiovascular training, and body-weight resistance exercises. Through a concept known as”Max Interval Training,” you work extremely hard for 3 minutes, and rest for 30 seconds. By doing this, the creator, a guy by the name of Shaun T, preaches the benefits of exhaustion in telling you that you should be tired, but to dig deep and keep going. The program introduces a high level of cardio workouts for the first month, then allows for a recovery week where lighter exercises are performed. In the next month, workouts become more intense, and are generally elongated.

Insanity comes with an “Elite Nutrition” plan which stresses the importance of calories, and promotes sufficiency due to the rigorous nature of Insanity. The plan stresses five meals a day, and even has an equation that allows you to figure out how many calories your body needs. However, in the same arbitrary nature of the BMI scale (which I now know is quite inefficient), the results of the Elite Nutrition equation can be hit or miss.

My Criticism

Any program that labels itself as “Insanity” has to be a little insane. In fact, “Inanity” might be the better title, because this workout plan seems actually a bit pointless. Almost all of the workouts are geared towards cardio in some respect. This is pretty decent for your heart, sure, but where’s the strength training? With a high level of cardio, but not strength training to keep it in check, there is really no room for muscle growth. In combination with this, and the fairly restrictive meal plan, there could be potential for muscle decay. With Insanity, you’re hardly working your muscles, and not really eating to fuel them. On this program, you’re told to eat a lot of carbohydrates to keep the workouts in check, but what’s the point? You’ll just start back at square one.


Insanity vs MP45? Let’s take a look. For $120.00, this program just isn’t worth it. You won’t build much muscle. As stated earlier, you’re actually in danger of losing muscle due to the lack of strength training and restrictive diet. If anything, I’d rather put on some fat along with muscle, than put on no fat at all. Insanity seems like a solution for those people who want to burn fat and slim down. There’s nothing wrong with this if you don’t know much about body composition. MP45 not only taught me how to eat healthy, and work out correctly, but it also educated me on the body’s needs, and how it’s structured. Building muscle is important for both men and women, because muscle burns fat and reshapes the body. For $23 less, it feels like I know so much more thanks to MP45.


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