MP45 vs. P90X


I’m sure you’ve heard of P90X. A lot of us have. In fact, P90X workouts are almost ubiquitous with intense fitness and training. P90X is a 90-day program that focuses on yoga, strength training, plyometrics, and stretching. The program’s emphasis is mainly on fitness, but there is also a nutrition guide, a calendar, and DVDs with workouts that feature the creator, Tony Horton. The 13-week program focuses on exercise rotation and variation, as well as a concept called “muscle confusion.” The workouts last a bit over an hour, and are spread out for 6 out of 7 days a week.

The nutritional aspect of P90X consists in of three phases, each for a month over a three month period. The first month focuses on high protein foods with a lesser carbohydrate intake. The second month incorporates carbohydrates in adequate, seemingly average amounts. The third and final phase is referred to as the “athlete’s” phase, whereby carbs are used as a solid energy source, and are incorporated with more frequency.

My Criticism

p90X is alright if you don’t want to build any considerable muscle. You heard me. P90X is good for getting in decent shape, trimming up, and getting what some would call a nice “beach bod.” However, if you’re really looking to impress people with your new muscular physique, MP45 is the better option. P90X is all about resistance training, and body weight exercises. This is great if you want to burn a lot of fat. However, you won’t really get anywhere in the future if you keep using resistance bands, performing home workouts, etc. MP45 stresses the importance of muscle failure, and going to a gym. MP45 talks all about muscle failure, and how to literally not be able to lift up another pound. I’d tell you how to do it, but then I’d be giving the product away, now wouldn’t I? If you want to build muscle, and not just “tone up,” as some would say, then go out and try MP45. Trust me on that one.

Another criticism of mine is the nutrition program that P90X offers. It’s just not customized. Every person has a different body, and everyone has different needs. Should a 6’3″ 230 lb man eat the same calories as a 5’7″ 150 lb man? Definitely not. This is not stressed enough. Another issue are the phases. They’re just not practical. P90X throws your body and your metabolism through loops. Yeah, “confusion” occurs. But so does lack of nutrients. The first phase includes such little carbohydrates that I can see people having absolutely no energy to fit the workouts in. This diet is also very restrictive, and some people may find it difficult to live a normal life while maintaining the diet. MP45, on the other hand, includes a diet plan that you customize. You get to eat carbs! But you learn about the right carbs, and when to eat them. You get to eat foods you like, even if they’re not the most nutritionally sound. You just learn when to incorporate them into your diet. With the MP45 nutrition plan, you won’t get bored.


In the MP45 vs P90X battle, MP45 comes out on top. The MP45 program teaches you a healthy lifestyle. P90X will get you “cut up” and “toned,” sure. But it won’t teach you habits, plans, and a lifestyle that you can continue through the rest of your life. MP45 focuses on teaching you habits that you can continue for the rest of your life. You learn to restructure how you eat, but in a way that you can manage on your own time. Your workouts also won’t be overwhelming and you get to take days off. And not for nothing, but you also learn this in half the time that P90X takes.


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