The Training Program

MP45 not only gave me a structured workout plan, but it also educated me on which aspects of training work, and which really don’t. MP45 stresses fully body workouts, specific body part training, the necessity of cardiovascular workouts, and the importance of off days. This last part is huge! Before working out with MP45, I was in the gym every single day hoping to lose fat and gain muscle. Jaret and MP45 taught me something important: you need to give your muscles days to rest. I learned about which foods to eat directly before and after certain workouts. It wasn’t “eat some protein and some carbs before working out.” It was far, far more specific. Certain foods should be ingested at certain times before and after certain bouts of training. It may seem redundant, but I learned that this is extremely important in training.

MP45 is all about building muscle and turning the body into a fat burning machine. I didn’t waste time with unnecessary cardio workouts. I learned the right ones for achieving the exact physique I wanted. I also didn’t waste time in the gym, and learned which workouts were the ones that would build muscle, and which ones wouldn’t. The training program also wasn’t one that exhausted me. I was tired, yeah, but it wasn’t that miserable I’m-never-doing-this-again feeling. That’s the beauty of MP45. I learned workouts that I can use for the rest of my life. And that is such a terrific thing.


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