What is MP45?

Developed by Muscle Prodigy LLC, MP45 is a 45-day program that is geared toward getting you in the best shape of your life, and keeping it that way. Through their comprehensive guides on nutrition, training, and a combination of the two, MP45 is by far the best buy in nutritional programs. At $97.00 for a wealth of pristine knowledge, this program is a steal. Jaret Grossman, MP45’s creator, really has nothing to hide. From following his own program, the fitness professional is an astonishing 6% body fat, and has the body of a fitness magazine cover model. So how did he do it? Well, he followed the same program that he is offering to you. It worked for me, and I wouldn’t glorify something that wouldn’t work. MP45 not only got me in great shape, but it taught me how to live a healthy life – both in the gym, on the track, and in the kitchen. Through the easy to navigate manuals, MP45 focuses on a meal plan, strength training program, and a cardiovascular aspect that incorporates High Intensity Interval Training. Jaret makes it clear: he doesn’t want to waste your time with foods that won’t do your body good, and workouts that will do nothing for you. If you follow his plans, your body will be exactly what you’ve always wanted it to be.

Get started. Really. Try MP45


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